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1.Entrance and good sales space

The staff provides information about the facility and answer visitors' questions. You can access the panoramic painting exhibition space by going through the reception desk area. Some goods are only available here. Local specialties are also available.

2.Viewing space

Space overlooks the many beautiful islands in the Seto Inland Sea, the city of Takamatsu, and the Sanuki Plain. The spacious open-air viewing terrace provides a bird's-eye view of the beautiful landscape you can enjoy while feeling the breeze from Shishi-no-Reigan. Enjoy one of the 100 best spots for viewing the sunset in Japan, and one of the best night views in Japan.

3.Café space

Enjoy snacks while viewing nature and the landscape of Yashima. Rest, relax and feel restored in the café space.

4.Panoramic painting exhibition space

Admission fee charged

The space permanently exhibits Yashima deno Yoru no Yume (One Night's Dream in Yashima), a panoramic painting by artist Toyomi Hoshina. The exhibit is a huge work of art themed on the Battle of Yashima in the last days of Heian Period using panoramic presentation and consisting of a painting that is about 5 m high and about 40 m wide and miniatures in front of the painting. The painting depicts various dramatic events from different times and places in nature and the human realm. This is the only panoramic exhibition space in Japan. Experience something exclusive.


Rental space

This multipurpose space can be used for events such as training programs and interaction events. Use the space as a base for interactions and activities for discovering and sharing the charm of Yashima.

Seating capacity Ancillary equipment Remarks
80 people Chairs, tables, and audio equipment (charged) The entire floor area is 80m2

6.Outdoor plaza complex

This is a space where you can easily make yourself at home while feeling the openness of the space because of its structure seamlessly connected to the building. The multipurpose space can be used for a variety of uses, such as interaction events.
Reservations are required to use the space for events.

Seating capacity Ancillary equipment Remarks
The plaza complex as a whole Approx. 3000 Power supply (charged) Plaza A (330m2)
Plaza B (400m2)
Plaza C (300m2)

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is there a parking lot?

A. The Yashima Mountaintop Tourist Parking Lot is available to all visitors. Visitors are kindly asked to park their cars there and walk to the facility and shops on the summit of Yashima.

Q. Can I eat or drink within the facility or on the outdoor plazas?

You can only consume items bought from Yashimāru Café within the facility (except in the panoramic painting exhibition space, where food and drinks are not permitted). Please freely use the outdoor plazas that are open to public

Q. Do you have wheelchairs and strollers for rent?

A. Yes. Ask at the reception area near the entrance.

Q. Can I bring my pet?

A. Except service dogs, visitors are not allowed to bring their pets or animals.