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Yashima, located in northeastern Takamatsu, was designated part of the Setonaikai National Park, a national landmark, and a natural treasure in 1934. It is called Yashima, or “Roof Island,” due to its appearance as a large roof on top of the table-like plateau known as mesa, which is covered with a horizontal hard-rock layer and partially surrounded by steep escarpments. With its highest point at about 300 meters and stretching about 5 kilometers north to south and about 2 kilometers east to west, you can mountain climb, hike, and look at birds, plants, and more. The area around Yashima is full of tourist attractions. They include Mure, where many historic sites related to the Genpei War are scattered, and Aji, which is a filming location of the movie "Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World," in addition to Yashima Castle, Yashima Temple, observation decks, and the aquarium.

In addition to its unique geological formations and abundant natural environment, Yashima has a long history and a myriad of stories created from the activity of the people who have lived here. It is a physical and spiritual symbol of Takamatsu that has come to be loved by many residents, and it has become a valuable local resource.

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