A great spot to take photos as recommended by professional photographers.

Flat, roof-shaped Yashima, as well as neighboring Mt. Goken,
are symbols of Takamatsu that have come to be loved.
Famous in recent years as a photo spot with views of the Seto Inland Sea,
and famous as the location of the ancient Genpei War.
Professional photographers tell us the best ways to take photos of Yashima!

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By Kisato Shrine Walking 5 minutesNagasaki no Hana

Hana (or "nose") refers to the small cape. This "nose", which juts out into the Seto Inland Sea, is a place to see the coming and going boats up close! A battery of the Takamatsu Domain was said to have been located here in the past. You can enjoy the view of Oshima and the many other islands all to yourself.

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Check Points
  • Try and take a photo from as high a place as possible so you can see the many islands, the sea, and the cliffs.
  • I recommend just after noon until evening time when the light shines beautifully.
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Only at the Seto Inland Sea can you take a photo with such a large ferry behind you!

A place that juts out from the northern ridge of Yashima where you can enjoy the summit and the seashore at once.

By Yashima Summit Tourist Parking Lot Walking 35 minutesYukakutei

A spot where you can see a magnificent view of the Seto Inland Sea. The 320-degree, uninterrupted panoramic view looks as if you are floating above the sea! The many peaceful and beautiful islands are beautiful enough to gaze at forever. It also looks as if you are descending into the sea from the path that continues on from the observation deck.

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Check Points
  • Try and take a photo from as high location as possible so the fence and the many islands don't overlap.
  • If taking photos with people, stand in a location where the sun hits their faces.

Take a photo with the wide scenery by capturing the entire observation deck

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The path going down the northern side of Yashima is also picturesque. Take a photo of someone's face peeking out from the grove.

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On days with great weather, you can see all the way to Okayama across the sea.

By Yashima Summit Tourist Parking Lot Walking 35 minutesUbame Oak Tree Path

The Ubame oak trees path stretching out towards the sea is just like a page from a picture book. Set out on a sunny day and try to capture the sparkling sunlight filtering through the trees with your camera. Create a more atmospheric photo by blurring the background. The stone path is also wonderful!

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  • #Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees
Check Points
  • I recommend between 11 am and 3 pm when the sun beautifully filters through the trees.
  • You can show off the effects of the sunlight filtering through the trees better by taking a wide photo when standing in the shadows.
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Ubame oak trees, growing on the craggy places near the coastline.
These tress, seen often on Yashima, cover the path like a tunnel.
Add to the mood with a hat or other small object when taking photos.

By Yashima Summit Tourist Parking Lot Walking 4 minutesShishi no Reigan

A leading picturesque spot within Takamatsu City. You must see the view from dusk until evening, as the gradations of color are too beautiful, with many colors moving and changing! I especially recommend the "magic hour", from sunset until it gets dark.

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Check Points
  • Even when it's light outside, if you lower the light and emphasize silhouettes, you can re-create a dusk-like scene.
  • Don't forget to stabilize your camera with a tripod when taking photos of night views. Setting the shutter speed to a slower setting allows the light to enter the shot.


Take a deep breath while gazing out on the islands, and experience the calming scenery with your whole body.
The blues of the sky and sea shine exceptionally on sunny days.

Try soft serve ice cream at Momotaro Chaya, a must-see spot near Shishi no Reigan. Create a gentle mood by taking backlit photos.


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  • #The Sunset of the Many Beautiful Islands

Make the contrast between silhouettes and scenery stand out by making the photo darker, even when using your phone.

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Yashima Station

An old-fashioned station building with a cute, pastel color scheme. This is a station on the Kotoden, a local railway loved by Takamatsu City residents. When taking photos, be sure to wear something pink. You'll stand out for sure against the background of the building.

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Check Points
  • Create an even more retro vibe by taking a photo of both people and the station building together.
    I recommend poses that look like natural walking.
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Search for a spot to take clear photos where your face isn't reflected when taking photos from the window. Also be careful not to capture yourself or the camera.

By Fusazaki Station Walking 3 minutesTrains Running Along
the Seaside Line

It's rare for a train in Japan to run so close to the coastline! We found a photo spot where you'll want to snap a picture without thinking, even if you're not a train fan. Sit by the seaside and wait for a train to come. The red of the train and the blue of the sea and sky is quite colorful.

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Check Points
  • I recommend taking photos between 9 and 11 am to clearly capture the blue sky without becoming backlit.
    If you watch for high tide, maybe you can take a photo where it looks as if the train is running right along the seacoast.
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  • #Woman and Train

Set your shutter speed as fast as it can go (more than 1/400 second).
Don't forget to decide on the photo location before the train arrives.
Check the train timetable beforehand.

By Fusazaki Station Walking 4 minutesFusazaki Park's
Old-fashioned Train

You can actually go inside the old-fashioned train car located in the park. The train car, used since the Taisho Era, is full of nostalgia. The light green interior and the fans are as they were when it was in use. And you can also sit in the driver's seat! Snap away in whatever poses you like.

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Check Points
  • What's special is that you can have the train car all to yourself, different from a moving train!
    Be sure to stand in the middle of the car and take a wide photo.
    You can easily take a photo with depth.

By Junai no Seichi Aji: Kanko Koryukan Walking 9 minutesOji Shrine's Swing

Oji Shrine, where you can look out over Mt. Goken, the townscape, and the sea. The view is so beautiful that it is chosen as a filming location for movies. If you take a picture of someone sitting on the swing, it will really look just like a scene from a movie! I recommend pairing it with the train and taking commemorative parent-child photos.

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Check Points
  • Mt. Goken and the swing won't overlap
    if you take the photo from high up using a ladder, etc.
    Set your shutter speed as fast as it can go (1/250 sec.) so that the swing doesn't blur.
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Spots Map

  • 1Nagasaki no Hana
  • 2Yukakutei
  • 3Ubame Oak Tree Path
  • 4Shishi no Reigan
  • 5Kotoden Yashima Station
  • 6Trains Running Along the Seaside Line
  • 7Fusazaki Park's Old-fashioned Train
  • 8Oji Shrine's Swing