As Told By a Trail Runner TRAIL RUN in YASHIMA

Trail running, where you experience the many ups and downs with your feet as you run through mountain slopes. The Yashima summit is the ideal trail running course, allowing you to run while looking out at the beautiful Seto Inland Sea from between the trees.


Approx. 4.6 km round trip from the Yashima Summit Tourist Parking Lot to Yukakutei . The gentle incline is good running even for beginners.


The course is very easy to follow. There's no fear of getting lost on the path as long as you don't overlook the steps at the divergence in the path towards the northern summit.

UrbanClose to Town

About 20 minutes by car from central Takamatsu City. Excellent access via the Yashima Sanjo Shuttle Bus running from the Kotoden and JR Yashima Stations.

EasyEasily Enjoyed

The course has few ups and downs, with benches and rest areas along the route. It's perfect for casually enjoying the course at your own pace.

Guide Runner

OGATA Tetsuro
From Takamatsu City, Kagawa. He was attracted to trail running when he began running at the age of 19. He then started to participate in races held in Japan and other countries. He also regularly participates in 100-mile (160-kilometer) races held in the United States.

Before you start
Trail Run Manners

  • Walkers and hikers have priority
  • When passing other people, greet them and walk when passing
  • Take all of your trash with you
  • Be careful of tree roots and fallen leaves (as they are slippery)
  • Bring water even for short distances
  • Bring you cell phone just in case
to Advanced
  • Bring candy, gelatin, or other energy supplements
  • Trail running shoes are recommended
  • Set your center of gravity towards the mountain when slopes are steep

Let's go Trail Run

Beginner About2.3km About4.6km About190m
to Advanced
About3.5km About7km About280m

Beginner CourseIntermediate to Advanced CourseSTART

1Beginner & Intermediate to AdvancedYashima Summit Tourist Parking Lot

The trail run begins at the Yashima Summit Tourist Parking Lot.
As there are vending machines here, purchase water if you have not brought some with you.
500 mL to 1L is necessary for trail running, based on the distance run, season, and weather.
There is a gentle, 300-meter paved path laid out from here until you enter the mountain path, so get your body loosened up here as a warmup.

2About1.3 km / Beginner & Intermediate to AdvancedEntrance to the Side Path

The divergence point towards the northern summit is the only divergence that must be watched out for on the route.
Be careful not to overlook the steps leading into the woods!

Be care on the steps as it can be difficult to see fallen leaves and other debris

Trail Running Trivia

These are small stones piled up in pyramid formations on the sides of mountain paths. Known as cairns, These are signposts made by human hands. They are piled up as markers at divergence points that are normally hard to see.

3Beginner & Intermediate to AdvancedSengendo Open Space

There is a rest area and toilets in the open space neighboring the Remains of Sengendo.

There are no toilets beyond this point.

4Beginner & Intermediate to AdvancedUomidai Lookout Point

At the Uomidai Lookout Point, you can gaze upon the Seto Inland Sea through the clearing in the trees.
There is a bench, so you can take a break here.

Trail Running Trivia
If A Wild Boar Appears

Wild boars are frequently seen at the Yashima summit. If you see one, quietly move away so as to not irritate the boar. It's also good to avoid wearing black clothing, as it's said to make you more susceptible to attacks from wasps.

5Beginner CourseGOALAbout2.3 km / Beginner & Intermediate to AdvancedYukakutei

Yukakutei is the northern most vantage point on the Yashima summit.
It is also famous as a place for taking photos.
You can rest here while enjoying the 320-degree magnificent panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea and its many islands floating out in front of your eyes.
This is the goal for beginner trail runners.

Beginning of the
Intermediate and Advanced
Intermediate to Advanced CourseAbout 1.2km Remaining

A steep, rocky slope appears after passing Yukakutei!
There are narrow spots where only one person can pass at a time.
Advance through this portion of the course with concentration and caution.

Walk if you feel any danger, and rest with your center of gravity towards the mountain.

6Intermediate to AdvancedNorthern Summit Hiking Path Entrance

Descending to the northern summit hiking path entrance lets you out onto Prefectural Road 150.
There is a path that continues straight on from here, but as it has poor footing and visibility, head west instead, following the Prefectural Road.
Take a U-turn at the stone monument marking the entrance to the path towards Kisato Shrine, and head for Nagasaki no Hana.

7Intermediate to Advanced CourseGOALAbout3.5 km / Intermediate to AdvancedNagasaki no Hana

Continue north from the entrance to the path towards Kisato Shrine, go through the green tunnel of thick trees, and before you lies the goal.
Following the rocky path that leads to the northernmost point, you will finally arrive at Nagasaki no Hana.
Being able to experience the sea breeze and the Seto islands, closer now than when you were on the summit, while feeling a sense of fulfilment is one of the real pleasures of trail running.